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Mambo Jambo with Mo Targh

Salsa on 1 / salsa on 2 / partnerwork /social

Radi by sme všetkých milovníkov líniovej salsy, čiže salsy on 1 ale i salsy on 2 a mamba privítali na workshopoch s Mo Targh z Budapešti.

14.5.- nedeľa

Možte sa tešiť na hodiny párovej salsy

16:00 salsa on1

17:00 salsa on2

18:00 -20:00 social dance/tančiareň


Wokrshopy - 20,- eur

Social - free

--------------------------------EN --------------------------------

We would like to welcome all salsa lovers, salsa on 1 but also salsa on 2 and mambo, to workshops with Mo Targh

14.5. - Sunday


16:00 salsa on 1

17:00 salsa on 2

18:00 - 20:00 - social dance


Workshops - 20,- eur

Social - free entry

About Mo Targh:

Mo T has a unique style showing appreciation for the dance form, music and partner. Mo T has become renowned for his musical interpretation, unique style, fast footwork, boundless energy, and most important of all, enjoyment of the dance. His main source of inspiration has been from travelling around the world and training with Jazz/contemporary dancers. Mo T is one of the best and most appreciated dancer/teacher in the UK/Europe..." Mo T has moved over to Budapest, since 2015 he has taken Jazz/Contemporary classes to understand dancers and dance movements. He managed to fusion salsa with Jazz dance. Mo T trains over 10 hours a week and with several students in Budapest.. Looking forward to seeing you all in Bratislava.

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