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Mambo Jambo with Patrick and Lyudmila

Salsa on 1 / salsa on 2 / partnerwork /social

Radi by sme všetkých milovníkov líniovej salsy, čiže salsy on 1 ale i salsy on 2 a mamba privítali na workshopoch s Patrickom a Lyudmilou z Viedne.

12.3. - nedeľa

Možte sa tešiť na hodiny párovej salsy

16:00 salsa on1

17:00 salsa on2

18:00 -20:00 social dance/tančiareň


Wokrshopy - 20,- eur

Social - free

Registrácia na workshopy:

--------------------------------EN --------------------------------

We would like to welcome all salsa lovers, salsa on 1 but also salsa on 2 and mambo, to workshops with Patrick and Lyudmila from Vienna.

12.3. - Sunday


16:00 salsa on 1

17:00 salsa on 2

18:00 - 20:00 - social dance


Workshops - 20,- eur

Social - free entry


About Patrick:

Patrick has been dancing half of his life. Starting with several years of ballroom classes, he soon discovered his passion for salsa. In 2008 he attended in Zurich his first salsa festival, not knowing that more than 200 more would follow. Workshops and bootcamps with the very best and most popular instructors the community has to offer have shaped his dancing. His unique style is a blend of flow and musicality, flavoured with some crazy hand tricks. Besides his regular classes in Vienna, Patrick was invited to teach a.o. at the Berlin Salsa Congress 2021 and the Odessa Mambo Weekend 2021.

About Lyudmila

Lyudmila started dancing at an early age and discovered her passion for salsa during her time at university. In more than 14 years, she has gained knowledge by taking countless workshops and intensive classes with world renowned instructors and has further improved her skills by participating (with Patrick) in several bootcamps (a.o. Mouaze & Ella, Euphoria DC, Dancefloor, Talal & Edyta). For over 10 years, she has been one of the pillars of crossbody salsa in Vienna, as social dancer and organizer of lady styling and musicality workshops. In 2019, she was invited as on2 instructor at the Vienna Salsa Congress. Being known as one of Europe’s top followers, she loves the groove, flow and elegance in social dancing and the joy and smiles that it gives to people.

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