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BACK 2021 – Bratislava Amateur Competition Kizomba

The first ever Kizomba Competition in Slovakia!!! we aim to take it to the next level and show to the world our incredible kizomba dancers

Hello to all our friends and fans of Afro-Dance World.

Everyone wants to bring back the good times, better vibes, but most importantly the best parties and social dances. So we are here to tell you that you have this unique opportunity to go BACK, because finally, we are BACK (Bratislava Amateur Competition Kizomba) 2021.

Let’s get ready for parties, socials, workshops & competition, socialising and celebrating life!

Guest teachers & Judges



Competition & Registration

Register with us as early as possible via the contact details below.

Registration Criteria:
* Minimum, Intermediate level dancers!
* 5 couples registration Max

Participants will be judge based on:
2.5 minutes Choreographed performance
2.5 minutes improvised dance

Judges will be looking for Creativity, Musicality and artistry & Ginga

WhatsApp: 0948000898

social media: 

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